2017 Website Statistics

Annual Visitors: Over 87,000

Monthly Visitors: Avg. 7250

Percentage of new visitors: 80%

Percentage of returning visitors: 20%


FREE Mutual Links:
We will link your historic district directory business listing to your website  for FREE if you agree to link to in return. This will increase search engine ranking for both websites. Please note, we do not link to Facebook pages.

Ads on Home Page:
Ads (300px x 250px) placed on the front page of this site are $25 / month. If we design ad there will be additional design fees.

Real Estate Listings:
As long as your real estate listing is in Historic Georgetown, we will post it on our website for $25 for 6 months. After 6 months, we continue to post it and will send you another invoice if you have not notified us of any changes.

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