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Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017 Georgetown will be in the path of the Solar Eclipse!

Partial Eclipse Begins: 1:15pm
Maximum Eclipse: 2:45pm
Partial Eclipse Ends: 4:15pm

Those in the path of totality will see the sun completely blocked, it will get noticeably cooler, the birds will get quiet, you'll be able to take off any eye protection you are wearing and the sun's atmosphere will be visible with the naked eye.

Outside of that path of totality, you must keep eye protection on the entire time. It should still be a memorable experience but not the complete one. Outside of totality, the sun's atmosphere won't be visible and it won't get as dark or cool.

Remember, it is NOT safe to look directly at a solar eclipse, except during totality. Check out how to watch the eclipse here:

For exact times and how much of the sun will be covered where you live, check out this site:…/f…/interactive_map/index.html

I'll have MUCH more on the eclipse over the coming months.